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Awards applied for: Short Video Award on the Fight against COVID-19
Title of entry:The Old New Things
Participating organizations: Personal
Introduction to entry:
Soe Moe Aung, 43 years old, tourist guide working in Yangon with 17 years’ experiences, has lost his job after the country declared locked down since March 2020. He doesn’t have other skills for him to survive and to earn income. However, he has very creative design of using the wasted glass bottle for creating some artistic products for household decoration and selling to market. This shows how human being changeover and survive in response of unpredictable environment and incident. We believe the Covid-19 storm will pass and mankind will survive, despite the loss of many lives and loss of income. Humankind will soon live in a world that is very different from the one before the virus. Let’s fight for the future with spirit of "Never Give Up".
Introduction to author:
YTV, Myanmar
The Old New Things
2020-11-4 YouTube
The Old New Things (with Chinese and English subtitles)
The Old New Things (with Chinese subtitles)