The awards include four categories: Best Reporting, Best Photography, Best Video and Best Innovation.

Best Reporting Award
for a distinguished example of coverage or commentary that adopts clear, logical and convincing views with vivid language, presented as a single article or series
Best Photography Award
for a distinguished example of press photo that captures the spot on site with distinct theme, strong expressiveness and strong appeal, presented as a single photo or series without multiexposure and AIGC or synthetic effects by computer technology
Best Video Award
for a distinguished example of press video with distinctive style, in-depth thoughts, good storytelling techniques and wide popularity, presented as short video, documentary,micro film and playlet, etc.
Best Innovation Award
for a distinguished example of innovative media work or project that use new media, new technology and new materials, or explore new concepts, new forms, new channels and new ways to reach good communication and influence, including but not limited to film and television work, new media work, AIGC product, interactive product and special events, etc.

Each award has 1 winner, 4 nominees and 10 finalists.
Each winner will receive 150,000 RMB, each nominee 50,000 RMB, and finalists will have other prizes.