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Author:Nick Ut
Awards applied for: Press Photo Award
Title of entry:People and Nature
Participating organizations: Personal
Introduction to entry:
1/7、Firefalls - Firefalls at Yosemite National Park California. 2/7、Osprey - A male Osprey carries a spotted bass to a perch where he will eat some of it before taking the rest to his mate, sitting on a nest nearby in Huntington Beach, CA., on Saturday, March 6, 2021. 3/7、Helicopter - A helicopters drop water from the Wildfire near Big Bear California. 4/7、Fire - California Patrol to close the California Wildfire near Lancaster California. 5/7、Humpback - Whale Humpback whale jump in the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach California. 6/7、Abandoned House - Abandoned House in Victorville California after on Sunset. 7/7、Rainbow - A Duck across Rainbow fountain in Costa Mesa California 2021.
Introduction to author:
freelance photographer
People and Nature
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