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Author:Svetlana Tarasova
Awards applied for: Press Photo Award
Title of entry:My parents are ornithologists
Participating organizations: Personal
Introduction to entry:
Not far from the city of Karasuk, near the biostation in the Novosibirsk region, there is a colony of Lake gulls. Ornithologist Alexey Druzyaka comes here with volunteers every year to conduct research. The colony is hidden inside thickets in the delta of the Karasuk River - only ornithologists know the way there along the reservoir. They analyze the nests and map their locations, ring and measure the chicks. In terms of time, this short period, when the chicks have just appeared, but have not yet taken to the wing, lasts from May to June. For some time, Alexey has been helped by his wife and biologist Olga and their young son Valery. The boy takes great pleasure in learning nature in its heart. A colony of gulls is similar to a nursery in which the baby and chicks exist at the same time of childhood. When you are there among the birds, you begin to feel the breath of wind and you merge with the cry of the gulls.
Introduction to author:
Svetlana Tarasova is an art photographer. She has won scholarship from the Russian government for young photographers and scholarship of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation for talented authors; participant of the cultural exchange event "Beijing through the eyes of Russian photographers"; She's author of personal exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg; her works are included in the collections of the State Russian Museum in St.Petersburg.
My parents are ornithologists
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