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Author:Vito Fusco
Awards applied for: Press Photo Award
Title of entry:Killing Daisy
Participating organizations: Personal
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The Killing Daisy ——The flower that’s gaining an important role in organic farming. Pyrethrum, a flower from the Asteraceae family, has been used for centuries as a natural insecticide. The pyrethrins extracted from the flowers contain an extremely low level of harmful substances – up to 10 times less toxic than alternatives – and for this reason it is the most commonly used insecticide in organic farming. Kenya has always been the largest producer and exporter. The flowers can be harvested every 15 days, ensuring farmers year-round revenues. In the 1980s the production of synthetic pyrethroids led to a huge decline in pyrethrum faming in Kenya. The growing demand for organic food products has revived the sector and numerous farms have started growing the plant once more; the sector has also been boosted by the arrival of private companies.
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freelance photographer
Killing Daisy
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