The Silk Road Global News Awards (SRGNA) launched by the Belt and Road News Network (BRNN), is organized by People’s Daily, BRNN council chair. It is the only international award under the Belt and Road multilateral cooperation framework. For the first SRGNA, a total of 4,485 entries from 80 countries and regions were collected during the entry phase, and 19 finalists won the awards and nomination awards. The awarding ceremony was held on October 19th, 2023 in Beijing.
The second SRGNA has been included in the List of Multilateral Cooperation Deliverables of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The second SRGNA include four categories: Best Reporting Award, Best Photography Award, Best Video Award, Best Innovation Award. The Awards, designed to become a professional, authoritative, and globally influential news showcase, encourage media organizations and individuals in countries along the Belt and Road to learn from each other and pool strength together. By recognizing best news items and works, the awards highlight the stories of the Belt and Road and amplify voice of countries and peoples along the route, so as to promote high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road.
Entry Submission of The Second Silk Road Global News Awards


Best Reporting Award
for a distinguished example of coverage or commentary that adopts clear, logical and convincing views with vivid language, presented as a single article or series
Best Photography Award
for a distinguished example of press photo that captures the spot on site with distinct theme, strong expressiveness and strong appeal, presented as a single photo or series without multiexposure and AIGC or synthetic effects by computer technology
Best Video Award
for a distinguished example of press video with distinctive style, in-depth thoughts, good storytelling techniques and wide popularity, presented as short video, documentary,micro film and playlet, etc.
Best Innovation Award
for a distinguished example of innovative media work or project that use new media, new technology and new materials, or explore new concepts, new forms, new channels and new ways to reach good communication and influence, including but not limited to film and television work, new media work, AIGC product, interactive product and special events, etc.
Editor’s Pick of News on Silk Road Global News Awards
Winners and finalists of the first Silk Road Global News Awards
In-depth Reporting Award
Chris Wright
[United Kingdom]
In-depth Reporting Award
Nurzhan Kasmalieva
In-depth Reporting Award
Manichanh Pansivongxay
In-depth Reporting Award
Yolaidy Martinez Ruiz
In-depth Reporting Award
Pakistan Observer
Commentary Award
Mubarak Mugabo
Commentary Award
Pelagia Karpathiotaki
Commentary Award
Faruk Boric
[Bosnia and Herzegovina]
Commentary Award
Branko Zujovic
Press Photo Award
Svetlana Tarasova
Press Photo Award
Yann Layma
Press Photo Award
Fatma Esma Arslan
Press Photo Award
Vito Fusco
Press Photo Award
Nick Ut
[United States of America]
Press Video Award
NGC Network Asia
Press Video Award
Short Video Award on the Fight against COVID-19
Rodgers Sabana
Short Video Award on the Fight against COVID-19