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Kazakhstan Belt and Road Initiative: The road to somewhere

Khorgos, a new state-of-the-art port in the middle of the Kazakh desert, sums up the grand ambitions of the Belt and Road Initiative. But it is as much driven and funded by Kazakhstan as it is by China. Rather than being a white elephant, it has real implications for trade.

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United Kingdom

Chris Wright

China creates all conditions for transportation of passengers and goods

It is a great honor for me to participate in such scale competition among journalists worldwide. I suppose that such kind of contests give reporters to better understand the topic by making some investigation and at the same time to inform the public about this or that event. When the entire world is watching the implementation of China's megaproject like Belt and Road Initiative and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the materials on these topics are good sources.

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Nurzhan Kasmalieva

Belt and Route, Roads Expanding from China

The article reflects on the role of China as a promoter of a more interconnected world through projects that not only boost the inclusive and balanced growth, but at the same time lead to shared responsibilities, environmental conservation and the fight against crime and all kinds of illegal activities, especially the protection of intellectual property. It details this nation’s commitments to continue opening its doors, offer a better business environment and increase cultural and people-to-people exchange among Belt and Road countries to realize in-depth cooperation in education, science, culture, sports, tourism, health care, archaeology and other areas. Besides, it highlights the call made by president Xi Jinping while addressing the high-level plenary session, to jointly face challenges, oppose all attempts to impose protectionism and unilateralism, safeguard a multilateral system and a world order based on rules.

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Martinez Yolaidy

BRI helping Laos to fulfil integration strategy, build robust economy

My name is Mr Manichanh Pansivongxay from Vientiane Times. The Vientiane Times is under the management of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism and is also a member of BRNN. I have known a contest of Silk Road Global News Awards from my Editor in Chief of Vientiane Times, Mr Thonglor Duangsavanh. It is an interesting contest that opens an opportunity for those who work in media organizations in many countries to promote the Belt and Road passing through their countries. My story focuses on in-debt reporting. My topic is "BRI helping Laos to fulfil integration strategy, build robust economy" Laos is a country where the Belt Road passes through and connect with many countries in the world. The BR is an important infrastructure to convert Laos' national strategy from land-locked country to land link hub and boost stronger growth of the economy and also provide huge benefits to countries in the glove.

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Manichanh Pansivongxay

BRI: Catalyst for global peace & economic prosperity

CPEC achieves another milestone MULTIBILLION dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative, envisaged by visionary and farsighted Chinese President Xi Jinping, is fast reaching fruition as long as its road infrastructure projects are concerned which indeed will open up new economic opportunities for Pakistan and the region offered by the improved connectivity. We expect that other road infrastructure projects under the CPEC will also be fast tracked in order to fully reap the benefits of the Corridor at the earliest. Along with this, there is also need to expedite the work towards the expansion and upgradation of Railways infrastructure under the CPEC to integrate the region both with rail and road infrastructure in order to give the much needed stimulus and spur to the overall economic development. The enemy of the corridor project will not be happy over the development of the CPEC and we must remain ready to foil its nefarious designs. Any sort of propaganda against the project must be countered collectively by both Pakistan and China by staying engaged and exploring ways to expand the CPEC to other areas of mutual interests.

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